- Discover Shi San Quan as introductory and elementary Kung Fu Form
- Learn the basic postures, principles and elements that you will encounter throughout the majority of all Shaolin Fist Forms
- Postures and Stances that are apparent in the tutorial are for example: Ma Bu (Horse Stance), Gong Bu (Bow and Arrow Stance), Xie Bu (Squatting Stance), Duli Bu (One legged Stance)

- Techniques that are apparent are: Straight Punch, Slap Kick, Arm Bar, Backfist Strike, Upper head guard, Squatting Block, Sweeping Palm, Double Fists, Pulling and Pushing
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- Improve your coordination and gain stability in postures as well as in principles of movement
- Because of it’s simplicity it is suitable for anyone who would like to learn more about the body mechanics and movement patterns